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Hello, I’m Kate

I come from a long line of green thumbs… from farmers to enthusiastic gardeners.

Kate Hewish Landscape Designer

Born and raised in central western NSW, my childhood years were spent in our rural family home where a love of the outdoors and a fascination for birds and nature went hand in hand with life on the land. I studied agriculture at school and was involved with my family’s agricultural businesses from an early age…

After studying for a business degree, I was looking for something different and headed to the UK to work as a communications consultant in London’s financial district. Life in a big city was exciting and I was lucky enough to be able to indulge my love of gardens, spending any spare time I could muster traveling to visit some of the best in the world.

After returning to Australia and establishing our own house and gardens, it was obvious where my heart was and I went back to college to study landscape design and horticulture.

That was one of the best decisions of my life.   

Working with my clients to bring their dream gardens to life is a true honour and I am lucky to have found my calling. The process of coming up with a design concept, with the right plants that are going to transform a space still gives me chills. There’s no feeling quite like it.

Horticulture = the science behind gardening.

Plants are my specialty and I obsess over the range and versatility that Queensland has to offer. As a trained horticulturalist, I love researching plants and helping my clients with useful tips and tricks. I love pulling a design together and coming up with a palette of plants that I know people are going to love. I love including natives and providing a wildlife habitat to bring people closer to nature. I love giving people the knowledge and space to grow their own food and the ability to enjoy the benefits of living a more sustainable life.

I have probably used the word love too much but I don’t care... It is this genuine passion and flare which I deliver to all my clients which get’s people fired up about their own back yard - creating beautiful spaces in the process.

Inspiration Garden Design Landscape Designer

What I Believe

Your time & home should be respected.

I have worked in the corporate world for over 20 years - both in Australia and overseas. The hours I spent juggling an ever-mounting schedule has led me to have a deep appreciation of the time pressures that a professional lifestyle can have, and the need for hiring a specialist which you can trust to complete a home project.

No space is too small to create something special.

My international experience interwoven with Queensland’s tropical climate has taught me that no space is too small to create something special - and melt proof! From global trends and garden styles to thinking a little differently, I am committed to helping clients create a little green patch they can be proud of.